Magic Thermometer

The other day I sent Fred (my husband) to the pharmacy to pick something up. He came back with all sorts of unnecessary items, which he always does. I became enraged when I looked in the bag and found a new thermometer (we have at least 5). This thermometer claimed to be able to take a babies temperature without even touching the baby. I couldn’t understand how Fred could be so easily fooled into believing this was possible.

Thermofocus by Kidz-Med, is a No-Touch thermometer, that gives a 1-second reading by using infrared technology. As I was reading the instructions, I was anticipating the mother ship to come and take me away.

I usually take our son’s temperature the old fashioned way. He gets hysterical if he even sees me going near the thermometer.  I consider myself to be open to new things, so I gave the Thermofocus a try. It was pretty accurate. My temperature read 99.0 F. I tried it on our son, and he loved it!

To use it, you just press a button, which produces two red dots, you have to adjust the position of the thermofocus, until you make a perfect red circle, on either the forehead, neck, armpit, etc, and then you just release the button. It is super easy and fun too.

The Thermofocus can also be used to gauge the temperature of inanimate objects such as food, bath water, formula, and a nursery. It is also FDA approved.

Aquatopia Safety Faucet and Tap Protector

I know that I have been writing a lot about bath time accidents lately, mainly because of some recent upsetting incidents that I have heard about involving children injured in the blink of an eye by scalding bath water.

I wanted to write about Aquatopia’s Safety  Faucet and Tap Protector, because I think it is such a cool invention, and I wish I would have thought of it first! It is a foam cover that uses suction cups to attach to the tub and cover the faucets. It is also machine washable, so when it starts to get a bit yucky, there are no worries to be had.

I think this product is best if used from the time of infancy. Once a child is in a bath seat, or a toddler, they may try to pull the foam down. If they are exposed to this product at infancy, they will be less likely to notice the faucets that are hidden underneath, less curious, and you stand a better chance at is effectiveness.

Court Rules Vaccines Didn't Cause Autism

As a mother who feels very strongly that all children should be vaccinated, I have been keeping a close eye on this topic. There has been a lot of controversy about whether autism is triggered by the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella combined with vaccines containing thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative or whether it is totally unrelated.

For more information about the court ruing, here is the CNN article .

Win Wonderful Green Cleaning Products From Simply Neutral!

Simply Neutral, Bringing you cleaners with a clean conscience, that’s their motto, and I’m a believer. I love their products, and use them regularly or at least whenever I clean, which isn’t as regularly as I should.

We will give a winner one all-purpose concentrate combo with an empty bottle. And, a no-VOC glass concentrate combo with an empty bottle. Each concentrate refills a 32oz bottle up to 6 times!!

To Win-Simply email me at with “contest” in the subject line and tell me the state Simply Neutral is based in.

I will pick a winner randomly on February 18th and announce the winner on the blog.

Baby Bodyguards Question of the Week

Dear Baby Bodyguards,

My 9 month old son has taking a liking to teething on his crib rail and I am concerned about him getting hurt.

We are asked this question a lot. Teething on a crib rail is extremely common. Rails, can damage a child’s teeth, and damage furniture. Splinters and chipped paint are not things you want in your child’s mouth!

There are several products on the market designed to go over the crib rail to protect both the crib and Baby’s teeth. These products are referred to as teething rails, rail guards or rail covers. Some are plastic strips that slip over the rail, while other designs are padded involve cloth and Velcro and even allow you to hang toys from them. And don’t forget to check to see if your crib’s manufacturer has a rail cover designed especially for your model.

Prince Lionheart sells a nontoxic plastic crib rail teether that slips over Baby’s crib rail for about $10, but reviews are mixed, in part because it doesn’t fit all crib models, and/or can be removed by a baby.

Also on the market is Gummi Crib Rails, which are strips that adhere over a crib rail’s wooden edge, protecting both Baby’s mouth and the crib. Most of these products claim to be FDA approved and free of phthalates.

Solution to Tap Water Scalding

A few weeks ago I learned that a child I know suffered 2nd degree burns when her nanny turned her back for a second and the child turned the bath faucet on, scolding her arm. We always recommend that the water temperature in a house NOT be above 120 degrees.

The problem arises when parents live in a building, where they don’t have control over the water temperature. Baby Bodyguards now has the solution! We came across HotStop Anti-Scalding products. These products are designed to stop water flow if the water temperature reaches a dangerous level.

The HotStop line of products features tub spouts (with and without diverter), shower heads and a hand showers. All four products have the HotStop scald protection built into the fixture.

I installed HotStop in my own shower to try out. I happen to like hot showers and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my shower, but I did. The HotStop didn’t interfere with the temperature I prefer. I then tested to make sure that it worked. I ran the water, and as soon as the water got a wee bit hotter than I enjoy, it shut off, and resumed running once the water cooled down.

If you have any questions or are interested in HotStop, contact us

Event For Expectant Parents

 The Pregnant New Yorker provides alternative, fun health events in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The events provide an opportunity to learn something new about different services and products and a chance to meet other pregnant women.

Baby Bodyguards will be a guest at the next event!

Park Slope, Brooklyn Event Wednesday,
February 4th 2009
6:30-9:00pm @ Bump
464 Bergen Street
(btwn 5th Avenue and Flatbush)

Cost of event is $10 per person


Guest Speakers

Midwife – Shawna King , CNM
Doula – Stephanie Watson – Campbell –
Prenatal Massage Therapist – Janet Markovits, LMT –
Physical Therapist – Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS –
Acupuncturist – Mia Hatgis, Lac
Nutritionist – Aisling Wharton –
HypnoBirthing Practitioner – Angela Monti Fox, LCSW –
Child Safety Consultant, Fred Ilarraza –