Jardine Recalls 96,000 cribs


Jardine Enterprises is recalling about 96,000 cribs, the third crib recall the company has issued in a year.

Jardine Enterprises is recalling about 96,000 cribs, the third crib recall the company has issued in a year.

The slats on the recalled cribs can break, leaving a gap where small children can get trapped or strangled.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it has received 31 reports of broken slats and two reports of children getting trapped. Ten of the incidents were caused when a child broke the slats from inside the crib.

The cribs were sold at Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, KidsWorld and Geoffrey stores around the country, as well as on http://www.babiesrus.com. They were available between September 2005 and April 2009.

The Taiwanese company recalled about 320,000 cribs in June 2008 and another 56,450 in January.

Here is a list of the model numbers recalled, with the name of the product and the dates when the product was sold:

0102B00 Drop-side Natural Olympia Single 9/2005-1/2007
0102E00 Drop-side Dark Pine Olympia Single 9/2005-1/2008
0302P00 Black Olympia Lifetime 11/2005-5/2008
0302C00 White Olympia Lifetime 6/2006-12/2006
0312D00 Americana Pecan 4-in-1 5/2006-11/2007
0308L00 Antique Walnut Capri 4-in-1 12/2005-11/2007
0108C00 Drop-side White Capri Single 8/2006-11/2007 

For additional information, contact Jardine at (800) 646-4106 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at http://www.jardinecribrecall.com/.

Swine Flu Info

Instead of writing my own details on the swine flu in this blog, I am simply going to refer everyone to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website on the swine flu. Because this information is changing on an almost daily basis, it doesn’t make much sense for me to try to write a new blog every few days.

The CDC’s website is www.CDC.gov/ swineflu/ . There you can read all sorts of timely and useful information about what it is, where it is, how to prevent it, and how to seek care if you suspect it.

In a nutshell, here are a few highlights:
• There is currently no vaccine for humans for the swine flu. There is one for pigs.

• The current common flu vaccine used in humans does NOT protect against the swine flu.

• There are anti-viral medications for anyone with a confirmed case available for children age 1 year and older, and adults.

• The symptoms are the same as the regular flu. It isn’t clear why there have been more fatalities than expected in the Mexico outbreak.

• This particular strain of the swine flu seems to be a naturally-occurring cross breed of the human flu, an avian flu, and 2 types of the swine flu.


As of right now, only people who have knowingly been in contact with a swine flu-infected person, or people who are part of a large flu outbreak in a certain area, are recommended to get tested with a nasal swab. If you have flu symptoms, but haven’t been knowingly exposed and aren’t part of a large outbreak (such as your workplace, school, etc), then you probably just have the regular flu. The CDC website has up-to-date information.

Choking, How to Avoid it

Rule #1- Choking is SILENT! It is important to NEVER leave your toddler unattended while eating

Rule#2-The following foods are considered high choking risk foods for kids under 4

  • hot dogs (if you do feed this to your child anyway, cut length wise and then again in quarters)
  • nuts and seeds
  • chunks of meat or cheese
  • whole grapes
  • hard, gooey, or sticky candy
  • popcorn
  • chunks of peanut butter
  • raw vegetables
  • raisins(if you do give this to your child anyway, give small raisins, one at a time, never a whole box that can clump together)
  • chewing gum

Rule#3-The following objects are choking hazards for young children, and thy should be kept away from them or very closely supervised

  • latex balloons
  • coins
  • marbles
  • toys with small parts
  • toys that can be compressed to fit entirely into a child’s mouth
  • small balls
  • pen or marker caps
  • small button-type batteries

Rule#4-Learn how to do CPR and Heimlich Manuever on babies and children. Also, make sure that any person who watches your child knows how to do these techniques as well.

Baby Bodyguards recommends LIttle Hearts CPR in Manhattan and Baby Be Safe in Brooklyn. If you are in another area and need a good class, contact us, and we will point you in the right direction.

ShiShu Baby Blanket Review and Giveaway

ShiShu blanket in Lemon
ShiShu blanket in Lemon

Yay, I’m super excited about this giveaway, because this is the NICEST baby blanket, I have felt, seen cuddled up with etc.

If you are anything like me, you are no a fan of the microfiber/polyester blend baby blankets given by so many at your shower. It never bothered me, nor did I give it much thought, until my little baby started getting rashes that ceased when I tossed the poly blend blankies. The same thing happened to the founder of ShiShu Style, which is why she was inspired to create a baby blanket made ONLY of natural fibers

While researching natural fibers, ShiShu founder, discovered that Bamboo is antibacterial, soft as silk, and keeps you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

All of the ShiShu baby blankets are handwoven, and 60% cotton and 40% bamboo blend, with 100% bamboo seam trim.

I hope you are the lucky winner, but if not, I highly suggest getting one of these blankets for your little one and the next shower you attend. They make a thoughtful, and classy gift.


one lucky winner will get a ShiShu baby blanket in Lemon.

TO WIN-go to the SHISHU Style website, and tell me what color is your favorite. Then email me at courtney@babybodyguards.com with SHISHU in the subject line and  your answer. I will pick the winner by RANDOM on April 27th, 2009.

Extra Entries

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2-Tweet about this GIVEAWAY-send me an email with your tweet


The Green-Pan, A Solution to Safer Cooking and a Healthy Planet

I received a full set of Teflon pots and pans when I got married a few years ago. We cook everyday and I started noticing pieces of the Teflon coating coming off. I immediately threw my pots and pans to the wind, because it doesn’t take a scientist to infer that eating Teflon is probably a bad idea.

Lauren Sucher, of the Environmental Working Group, a Washington, D. C., organization that compiles data on toxicology, recommends that people phase out the use of Teflon cookware in their home. Chemicals used in Teflon have been shown to be lethal to birds, and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. In 2005, the EPA said a chemical (PFOA) used to make Teflon is “likely a carcinogen” and in January 2006, DuPont, the only company that manufactures the chemical in the US, agreed to eliminate releases of the chemical from its manufacturing plants by 2015.

Stainless steel is a great alternative, but I don’t have the time or elbow grease needed to be scrubbing those bad boys. After a lot of research, I came across the Green-Pan and I had to try it.

Green-Pan is the first Teflon free non-stick pan. Using something called Thermolon technology, they’ve made a non-stick mineral coating that is food-safe, and won’t be damaged or emit nasty fumes, even at super high temperatures. It can resist heat up to 850 degrees, and you never need to use butter or oil to coat the pan, which is great for he waistline. I have used it several times and nothing sticks to it! It also doesn’t hurt that their cookware is attractive and affordable.

Calendula Works Miracles!

Calendula/Marigold Flower
Calendula/Marigold Flower

For the last 6 months, my angelic faced two year old has had an unsightly rash on his right cheek. At first I thought that maybe he was drooling at night, and his cheek was getting chapped, then we all thought it was eczema, windburn, it has been one unsolvable mystery.

I showed the rash to his Pediatrician, and she said “If it isn’t bothering him, don’t bother it.” She suggested using Neosporin , which we did to no avail. My mom suggested Calemine Lotion, which seemed like it was working for a few days, but it was just the pink tint of the cream fooling our eyes.

Last week, my aunt was over. She has been an ER for over 30 years who has recently gottn into holistic remedies. She took one look at his cheek and said to try Calendula. I immediately rushed to the local Health Food store, and bought Weleda Calendula Face Cream, for $9. In 3 days his rash is completely gone.

Calendula is also known as Marigold. How funny that those yellow and orange flowers we see planted all over the neighborhood are magic for the skin. The Calendula plant is comprised of carotenoids, flavonoids and essential oils. This gentle and nourishing botanical possesses powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Most Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift

My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day today. The usual gifts crossed my mind, the spa gift certificate, a gift card to my favorite boutique, and coupons for a nap whenever I need a break. Thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift, made me think of the services we provide at Baby Bodyguards, and what a unique and thoughtful gift they make.

Giving a mom to be/mother/grandmother peace of mind by ensuring her precious bundle is safe really is the best gift I can think of. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are offering 10% off all our packages, when purchased for the special woman in your life.

Is Your Trash Can Safe for Your Toddler?

Most of our clients know that the kitchen poses many risks for children. Between the stove, the under the sink cabinet usually full of cleaning agents, and sharp knives in the drawer, it is no wonder that the kitchen tops our list of dangerous rooms in the house. What we have noticed, is that a lot of the homes we visit have garbage cans which pose a serious risk to young children.

Last week a dear friend of mine told me of his most recent Emergency Room visit. His 22 month old daughter, stuck her little hand into the recycling can and cut herself badly on the sharp edge of an aluminium can. She needed 8 stitches. He said it happened in a second, and it was the first time she had ever shown any interest in the can.

I have a child safe can in my house, but what I was surprised about, is if you do an Internet search for a child friendly garbage can, not many results come up. If you search a dog friendly can, or a can to keep raccoons out, you get pages and pages of suggestions.

One of the best cans on the market is the Superhuman Slim Plastic Can. You step on a pedal to open it, and it has a sliding lock which keeps the lid shut for safety. If this can doesn’t work with your decor , there are others on the market, just make sure it has a lid lock.

Testing the Vision of Little Kids

suresight vision screener
suresight vision screener

The other day I took my 2 year old to the doctor for a well visit. We waited an hour for the doctor to come in , then my poor boy was poked and prodded for what seemed like days (he was crying from the minute we pulled up to the office). After numerous blood tests, and being held down to have his ears checked, the nurse told me to bring him to the back for an eye exam. I knew this was not going to happen. My son was screaming, and would not cooperate , so we got our coats on and left without his eyes being checked.

Last night on the news, I heard about The “Healthy Eyes for Kids” program. They provide free screenings to preschoolers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and identify kids who may have a higher risk for vision problems.

The machine they use to test for a possible vision problem, takes only 30 seconds to get a reading. They screening is not diagnostic, but it is a good indicator or a vision problem.

Most  eye problems in children can be corrected if caught early, the task is trying to get a 2 or 3 year old to sit still, The “Healthy Eyes for Kids” program is making strides in providing early intervention.

For more info visit Preventblindness.org.