Music Nurtures Premature Babies

A Canadian team reviewed nine studies and found music reduced pain and encouraged better oral feeding in premature babies.

The benefits of playing music for premature infants are said to be calmer infants and parents as well as faster weight gain and shorter hospital stays.

Most of the trials the researchers looked at used lullabies with or without added sounds, such as heartbeats or womb noises, and one used live music – a specially composed wordless lullaby sung by a female voice and accompanied by a harp.

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2009 Safer Sunscreen List

Most of you already know that I am a HUGE fan of Safe Mama (, The SafeMama reviews tons of shampoos, bug sprays, sunblocks etc, and compile lists of the best of the best using very strict criteria.

It’s that time of year again, and all of us mamas need to add the sunblock to out diaper bags for daily use. I wanted to share the 2009 SafeMama’s Sunscreen Showdown.

My diaper bag is stocked with JASON Cosmetics Chemical Free Sunblock. I not only use this for my son, but for myself too, and have been very happy with it the last 2 years.   It can be found in health food stores for $14.

New Approach to Prenatal Supplements

Fred and I have started toying with the idea to add a new addition to our family. Unfortunately, I was plagued with terrible nausea from the day after conception till about 4 months in, and taking my prenatal vitamins felt like a cruel punishment to my already sensitive stomach. So I set out on a search to find a prenatal supplement that I could tolerate and would provide the necessary folic acid, omega-3 fish oils and vitamin D that are recommended by my OBGYN.

During my bout with morning sickness, the only way that I could get out of bed in the morning was to chew a ginger candy. Ginger does wonders for nausea! I came across a chewable prenatal supplement by Bloomen Nutrition, that tastes just like the ginger candy I used to chew and has all the essential nutrients to nourish a developing baby. A months supply costs $15, and you can order it online. They can also send you a free sample first to see if you like it. Trust me you will.