Clean George, All Natural and Alcohol Free Hand Purifier

Fall is in the air today. It’s my favorite of the seasons, but with Fall, also comes Flu, Colds, etc. I have been known to carry antibacterial hand sanitizer in my diaper bag. I am not proud of it, but after a subway ride, if there is no sink in sight, I sanitize.

The problem with antibacterial hand sanitizers is that they may lead to “super germs” and make us more sick. Sanitizers containing alcohol kill bad bacteria, but kill they good stuff too. What is a mom to do?

I then came across the Clean George website. Clean George makes hand purifiers that are alcohol free, contain no synthetic antibacterials, and no chemicals. Best of all, this stuff actually moisturizes. I can actually use this stuff on my son’s hands and not worry about him ingesting yucky chemicals.

Clean George comes in three scents Lavin lavender, and Grapefruit n’ Sage, which we love!!! and Mint-alyptus, which is nice, but in my opinion not as awesome as the other two. At $9.99 a bottle, try them all and see what scent works for you.

Goodbye Alcohol. Triclosan, and Benzalkonium and HELLO CLEAN GEORGE…..

Car Seats Can Lower Oxygen Levels In Blood While Baby Sleeps

I remember the days of my Snap and Go and Snug Ride. I loved having my baby fall asleep during a car ride, or a walk, and then just unhook the car seat and put it on my living room floor, while the baby slept and I took care of some bills or email. Unfortunately, those days are gone after a new study came out in the journal Pediatrics.

The study found that the seats can compress the chest wall and reduce airway size, which can result in lower oxygen levels in the blood. The study found that car seats can result in mild respiratory compromise in abut 20% of newborns.

While these seats are a must for travel, it is important for us to ever so carefully lift our babies out of their car seats and put them in their cribs.

Click for more info on the study

Another Brooklyn Toddler Dies After Falling Out of Window

This is the third incident in Brooklyn this month. Th latest victim is a 1-year-old girl who fell out of a second floor window in her Bensonhurst home.  A police spokesman said the window did not have safety bars.

On Wednesday an 8-year-old Bronx girl survived a fall from a seventh floor wondow and is in stable condition.

Please, please please, make sure your windows are safe. Have window guards, window stops, and don’t place furniture underneath windows, giving a child full access. If you don’t know if your windows are up to Baby Bodyguards safety standards, call us!

Win The Family Beach Cabana Tent Just In Time For Labor Day

On Saturday, our whole family headed out to Fair Harbor, Fire Island. We had a blast. If you have never been, I suggest you go on the next 90+ degree day. It was a scorcher alright. Our son has such fair skin, and I was constantly applying sunscreen, and was thrilled we brought along The Family Beach Cabana Tent

Our family had the opportunity to try this product over the weekend, and I can definitely say that we LOVE it. It carries in a lightweight backpack style carrier, and unfolds literally, in three seconds. The anchors are easy to use, and if you want the added security that your tent isn’t going to fly away, the side pockets can be filled with sand to weigh it down. The Family Beach Cabana Tent offers a SPF 50+ rating, so you and your family are protected from the suns harmful rays. There is no floor on this tent, so you still need to bring your beach blanket. We had the most perfect picnic under our new tent.

The tent is big enough that we didn’t feel cramped, and there are ventilation panels. The tent is perfect for nap time and diaper changes. Best of all. the tent cleans and folds up easily.

WIN IT-4 lucky winners, will win The Family Beach Cabana Tent, just in time for Labor Day Weekend.

How To Enter

1-Follow BabyBodyguards on Twitter and tweet about giveaway (1 entry)

2-email me at and put “tent” in subject line (1 entry)

3-do both for 2 entries

Winner will be picked randomly on August 25th.

New Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Aims to Gain Consumer Confidence


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Office of Information and Public Affairs Washington, DC 20207

August 13, 2009
Release #09-306
CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908


CPSC to Enforce New CPSIA Requirements for Children’s Products Effective August 14

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On August 14, 2009, new requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) will take effect that are aimed at making children’s products safer and increasing consumer confidence in the marketplace. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is educating domestic and overseas manufacturers, importers, and distributors of children’s products and other consumer goods of these important new safety requirements.

CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said the CPSIA’s new requirements will help protect families and she urged businesses to comply. “I will ensure that these requirements are enforced vigorously and fairly,” said Tenenbaum. “By ensuring that toys and other children’s products meet strict lead limits and can be tracked in the event of a recall, I believe children will be better protected in their homes.”

The requirements that become effective on August 14 include:


  • Lead Content The limit for lead in children’s products drops from 600 parts per million (ppm) to 300 ppm. After August 14, it will be unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, or offer for sale, a children’s product that has more than 300 ppm of lead in any part (except electronics) that is accessible to children. 
  • Lead in Paint and Similar Surface Coating Materials The limit for lead in paint and similar surface-coating materials for consumer use drops from 600 ppm to 90 ppm. The lead paint limits also apply to toys and other articles intended for children as well as certain furniture products. Products subject to these limits cannot be sold, offered for sale, imported or manufactured after August 14 unless they meet the new lower lead limits. 
  • Civil Penalties Civil penalties increase substantially to a maximum of $100,000 per violation and up to a maximum of $15 million for a related series of violations. Previously, civil penalties were a maximum of $8,000 per violation and up to a maximum of $1.825 million for a related series of violations. 
  • Tracking Labels Manufacturers must place permanent distinguishing marks (tracking label) on any consumer product primarily intended for children 12 and younger made on or after August 14, 2009. The permanent marks must enable consumers to ascertain basic information, including the manufacturer or private labeler, location, the date of manufacture, and more detailed information on the manufacturing process such as a batch or run number. The permanent distinguishing marks must appear on the product itself and its packaging to the extent practicable. Learn more about the tracking label requirement at 
  • Catalog Advertising Advertising for certain toys and games intended for use by children from three to six years old must have warnings regarding potential choking hazards to children younger than three. The requirement to include warnings in Internet advertisements went into effect on December 12, 2008. There was a grace period for the requirement for catalogues and other printed materials, but this grace period expired August 9, 2009. All catalogues and other printed materials distributed on or after August 9, 2009, regardless of when they were printed, must include the appropriate warnings.

Visit CPSC’s Web site at for more information about the agency’s successful implementation of the CPSIA.

After Two Tragedies This Week, Lets Talk Window Guards

In the last two days, two toddlers have fallen out of windows in Brooklyn, New York. No word yet on the condition of the two children. These falls are tragic and they could have been prevented with proper window safety

In September of 2008, we wrote a column for A Child Grows in Brooklyn, outlining NYC’s window guard law.

Health Code Section 131.15: (NYC’s window guards law)
-Pertains only to owners of a building containing 3 or more apartments.
-These owners, must provide and properly install approved window guards on all windows.
-All windows also includes, first floor bathroom, windows leading onto a balcony or terrace and in each hallway window, if any, in such buildings.
-This applies in apartments where a child (or children) 10 years of age or younger reside .
Exceptions to this law:
– Windows that open onto fire escapes
– A window on the first floor that is a required secondary exit in a building in which there are fire escapes on the second floor and up.
NYC Approved Window Guards, What are they?
-Approved window guards are a minimum of 15 inches tall with horizontal bars spaced so that any round object which is 5 inches or bigger cannot pass through
-The Manufacturer’s approval number must be imprinted on a vertical stile of the guard. For example: HDWG # 07-94-65. The number must be listed on the Approved List of Manufacturers and Model Numbers, distributed by the Department of Health.
-Guards must be appropriate for the type of window in which they are installed: double hung, casement, slider, etc.
-A landlord or manager must produce a supporting letter from the Window Guard Policy and Acceptance Board if a variance is claimed as having been granted.
-NYC approved window guards, are not permitted to be removed and are nearly impossible to remove once they are installed.
Most of the questions Baby Bodyguards receives about window guards are from parents wanting to protect their children from window accidents in their co-op, condo or house, where the NYC Window Guard Policy does not apply. In these situations we almost always recommend Guardian Angel Window Guards .
Guardian Angel Window Guards are removable, which is great in case of an emergency, or in order to install an air conditioner in the summer. They are also extremely durable, capable of withstanding 150 pounds of pressure. The Guardian Angel Company is so confident about the quality of their product that they offer a Lifetime Warranty. NYC approved window guards and Guardian Angel guards can be tricky to install depending on what material you are mounting them onto. As with any safety device, either window guard will only work if installed properly.

Cleaning Green With BabyGanics

I was thrilled when my package of BabyGanics products arrived at my door. I had reviewed some of their products last year, and raved about them. They recently changed their look, and have added some new products to their line of goodies and I couldne’t wait to check them out.

I was able to test drive the Dish Dazzler and the fragrance free All Purpose Cleaner aka Grime Fighter. I was impressed by both products, but that didn’t surprise me. The Dish Dazzler, cleaned my dishes and wasn’t rough on my hands like other dish soaps, so often are. Grime Fighter, cleaned all the dried oatmeal from my two year old’s breakfast on my kitchen table in a jiffy, and didn’t leave behind any residue.

I trust BabyGanics, a company created by two clean-freak dads who wanted to create cleaning products that were safe for our babies and our planet.

BabyGanics, is ultra affordable, at around $6 a product, and is available at big stores like Babies R Us, Cosco and Buy Buy Baby, as well as many others.

DEET Poses Toxic Worry

Over the past few years there has been a lot of controversy over DEET and how safe it is. A new study conducted on mammals shows that DEET may be toxic to the Central Nervous System.

But French researchers, from the University of Angers and the Institute of Research and Development in Montpellier, say more investigations are needed to discover any potential neurotoxicity to humans.

The EPA said it was committed to addressing any urgent pesticide issues immediately to protect human health, but added: “The information we have related to DEET has been determined to be adequate to show that DEET does not pose any unreasonable risk.”

Click HERE for the full story.