Have You Heard of the Tummy Tub?

our 4 month old daughter
our 4 month old daughter

A few months ago I got my hands on a  Tummy Tub. It kind of  looks like a big punch bowl, except it is a baby bath which is supposedly good from birth to 3 years.

According to their site, “The Tummy Tub is designed to replicate the comfort of the mother’s womb and once in the Tummy Tub, babies naturally adopt the fetal position and instantly feel reassured and relaxed. Created in Holland, the Tummy Tub has been endorsed by maternity hospitals, physicians, midwives throughout Europe.”

I have to admit that I wasn’t so impressed with the looks of the Tub, and kept it in storage until our daughter seemed sturdy enough to use it. She is a real peanut, and only 11 lbs at 4 months. My whole opinion changed the minute I put our 4 month old in the tub. She was so… happy, calm and so… darn cute.

The other day, our daughter was so unhappy. She is teething and miserable, and nothing could calm her down. I decided to try the Tummy Tub again, and the minute we immersed her, she stopped crying and was comfortable.

This Tub is definitely worth the $40 it retails for.

Common Poisonous Plants



Hyacinth, Narcissus, Daffodil Bulbs Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. May be fatal.
Oleander Leaves, branches Extremely poisonous. Affects the heart, produces severe digestive upset and has caused death.
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane), Elephant Ear All parts Intense burning and irritation of the mouth and tongue. Death can occur if base of the tongue swells enough to block the air passage of the throat.
Rosary Pea, Castor Bean Seeds Fatal. A single Rosary Pea seed has caused death. One or two Castor Bean seeds are near the lethal dose for adults.


Larkspur Young plant, seeds Digestive upset, nervous excitement, depression. May be fatal.
Monkshood Fleshy roots Digestive upset and nervous excitement.
Autumn Crocus, Star of Bethlehem Bulbs Vomiting and nervous excitement.
Lily-of-the-Valley Leaves, flowers Irregular heart beat and pulse, usually accompanied by digestive upset and mental confusion.
Iris Underground stems Severe-but not usually serious-digestive upset.
Foxglove Leaves Large amounts cause dangerously irregular heartbeat and pulse, usually digestive upset and mental confusion. May be fatal.
Bleeding Heart Foliage, roots May be poisonous in large amounts. Has proved fatal to cattle.


Rhubarb Leaf blade Fatal. Large amounts of raw or cooked leaves can cause convulsions, coma, followed rapidly by death.


Daphne Berries Fatal. A few berries can kill a child.
Wisteria Seeds, pods Mild to severe digestive upset. Many children are poisoned by this plant.
Golden Chain Bean-like capsules in which the seeds are suspended Severe poisoning. Excitement, staggering, convulsions and coma. May be fatal.
Laurels, Rhododendrons, Azaleas All parts Fatal. Produces nausea and vomiting, depression, difficult breathing, prostration and coma.
Jasmine Berries Fatal. Digestive disturbance and nervous symptoms.
Lantana Camara (Red Sage) Green berries Fatal. Affects lungs, kidneys, heart and nervous system. Grows in the southern U.S. And in moderate climates.
Yew Berries, foliage Fatal. Foliage more toxic than berries. Death is usually sudden without warning symptoms.


Wild and cultivated cherries Twigs, foliage Fatal. Contains a compound that releases cyanide when eaten. Gasping, excitement and prostration are common symptoms.
Oaks Foliage, acorns Affects kidneys gradually. Symptoms appear only after several days or weeks. Takes a large amount for poisoning.
Elderberry All parts, especially roots Children have been poisoned by using pieces of the pithy stems for blowguns. Nausea and digestive upset.
Black Locust Bark, sprouts, foliage Children have suffered nausea, weakness and depression after chewing the bark and seeds.


Jack-in-the-Pulpit All parts, especially roots Like Dumb Cane, contains small needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate that cause intense irritation and burning of the mouth and tongue.
Moonseed Berries Blue, purple color, resembling wild grapes. May be fatal.
Mayapple Apple, foliage, roots Contains at least 16 active toxic principles, primarily in the roots. Children often eat the apple with no ill effects, but several apples may cause diarrhea.
Mistletoe Berries Fatal. Both children and adults have died from eating the berries.


Water Hemlock All parts Fatal. Violent and painful convulsions. A number of people have died from hemlock.


Buttercups All parts Irritant juices may severely injure the digestive system.
Nightshade All parts, especially the unripened berry Fatal. Intense digestive disturbance and nervous symptoms.
Poison Hemlock All parts Fatal. Resembles a large wild carrot.
Jimson Weed (Thorn Apple) All parts Abnormal thirst, distorted sight, delirium, incoherence and coma. Common cause of poisoning. Has proved fatal.


Chart taken from materials provided by the Texas State Department of Health and the National Safety Council