A Little Giddy

Over the Summer I got a call from Josh. We were scheduling an appointment and when I asked his availability he said he was very flexible at the moment because he had just wrapped up a project.  The name Josh Lucas was very familiar, but I couldn’t place the name with the face. I tried google and OMG, Josh Lucas, the man that we swooned over in Sweet Home Alabama, The Lincoln Lawyer and the numerous other projects he has worked on!

When Fred and the team went there, they said that he was such a pleasure to work with and has the most adorable son. Everyone said he was just the most normal, cool, down to Earth guy. Celebrities aren’t always known for those attributes.  Without any prompting, Josh offered us a hand written testimonial. We are very touched because it’s never something we ask for. Our clients time is very important and we never want to impose. Josh is a great guy and Josh, thank you for the kind words. It was our pleasureJoshLucas Testimonial!