Another Baby Bodyguards Giveaway

This week I had the pleasure of receiving a My Natural toy made by Hosung. I am in love! This toy company is Brooklyn-based. Their cotton plush toys are colored by nature and 100% certified non-toxic. In addition, these safe adorable toys help to make your home a safe and chemical free environment, which is what we are all about at Baby Bodyguards.

These cute characters are now being sold at Target, but the 9″ Baby Ben the Frog doll that we are giving away, is not hitting the stores till Spring and will only be available at a handful of specialty stores.

In order to win Baby Ben (I wish i could keep him,). Just email me at and tell me a healthy snack you give to your child, or will when they are old enough.

I will be randomly picking the lucky winner March 6th…

Good Luck!!!!!!!