Baby Bodyguards Loves The Moxie Spot!!!

At Baby Bodyguards, we are always looking for fun and safe activities to do with the kiddies. Last night we enjoyed some of the most fun we have had in a long…..time.
We had read a great blog post in A Child Grows in Brooklyn about The Moxie Spot, and I knew it was a place that I had to check out with my family. On their website, they have a calender and it listed Saturday as “Free Family Disco Night” at 5:30 PM. Nowadays, 5:30PM, seems like the perfect time for a disco. I could get my dance on and be home by a reasonable time to get my family to bed. I can also easily convince our childless friends to join us for a 5:30 disco party, because The Moxie Spot serves beer and wine.
As you walk into the restaurant, there are two cute doors, one for adults and a little one for children. The fun continues inside, the first floor has a chalk board and all kinds of blocks and puzzles. There is also an area to park your stroller, which as a stroller pusher myself, made me feel at ease and welcome.
I was a bit confused about the ordering process, but figured it out after asking a few patrons a few questions. I picked up a paper menu and got on line. The items on the menu were fabulous and so… reasonably priced. Most items were healthy, organic and hormone free. I ordered the turkey burger with some sweet potato fries and was very pleased. If you order hot food, the staff behind the counter has to bring it to you. I was handed a table number and told to claim a table by putting my number on it, and the staff would find us to bring us our food.
I brought our number upstairs to claim a table on the disco floor and to my delight and surprise, I encountered a safety gate. Wow, now I really felt at ease! I loved the idea that the children could dance and run around and parents could feel comfortable knowing that there was a gate blocking the stairs.
They had hula skirts, funky masquerade glasses, noise makers, etc…. It was like a scene from the best Bar Mitzvah I had ever been to. The music was very cool. I found myself singing along to a lot of the songs, which were mostly from the 80’s and 90’s.
When it was time to use the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice outlet plugs, covering all the outlets. I decided to take a look around the rest of the restaurant to see what other safety features I could find. I looked at all the tables, and the corners were pretty rounded. The glasses were all plastic. They have computers in the back for the children to use and all the wires were hidden. The owners of The Moxie Spot, put so much thought and care into their restaurant. I will definitely be back, and am so happy I stumbled upon such a find.