Baby Bodyguards Question of the Week

Dear Baby Bodyguards,

My 9 month old son has taking a liking to teething on his crib rail and I am concerned about him getting hurt.

We are asked this question a lot. Teething on a crib rail is extremely common. Rails, can damage a child’s teeth, and damage furniture. Splinters and chipped paint are not things you want in your child’s mouth!

There are several products on the market designed to go over the crib rail to protect both the crib and Baby’s teeth. These products are referred to as teething rails, rail guards or rail covers. Some are plastic strips that slip over the rail, while other designs are padded involve cloth and Velcro and even allow you to hang toys from them. And don’t forget to check to see if your crib’s manufacturer has a rail cover designed especially for your model.

Prince Lionheart sells a nontoxic plastic crib rail teether that slips over Baby’s crib rail for about $10, but reviews are mixed, in part because it doesn’t fit all crib models, and/or can be removed by a baby.

Also on the market is Gummi Crib Rails, which are strips that adhere over a crib rail’s wooden edge, protecting both Baby’s mouth and the crib. Most of these products claim to be FDA approved and free of phthalates.