Baby Bodyguards Review of Simply Neutral Cleaning Products

Simply Neutral is a unique line of cleaning products developed by Maggie, who was cleaning houses to make extra money, while she was staying home with her children. Her skin started reacting to the harsh chemicals found in commercial cleaning products and she set out on a quest to develop a “green” natural line of cleaning products. Well, she succeeded with flying colors!!!!!

Last night, I eagerly opened the package of Simply Neutral products that Maggie sent me and went to town cleaning my house. This was no easy task. I have been putting off scrubbing my bathroom for weeks, little hand prints cover every window and door in my house and the amount of residue on my dining room table had me wanting to eat sitting Indian style on the floor.

I ordered the Value Pack. It consisted of a glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and non-abrasive cleaner. This trio did the job and then some. My 19 month old is going through a clingy period, and is basically attached to my hip 24/7, and I felt comfortable using these products around him knowing they were free of toxins.

All Simply Neutral products are ideal for people with asthma, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. All of their products biodegrade rapidly making them safe for the environment. Baby Bodyguards is recommending Simply Neutral products to everyone who strives to keep a healthy clean household and planet.

Unfortunately, there are no stores carrying Simply Neutral products in the New York area yet, but don’t despair. You can purchase these amazing products online and Maggie was sweet enough to offer us all a 10% discount, just enter the promo code baby .