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Tend-A-Tot, 6 in 1 Tote

One of my favorite connections i have made through Twitter, is Elizabeth VouVakis, mother to five, grandmother to ten, and inventor extraordinaire. She has never been a stay in one place kind of mom, and wanted to invent a product to help moms on the go provide nurture, comfort and security and she has succeeded with the Tend-A-Tot!

The Tend-A-Tot, serves as astylish diaper bag, baby sling, Insta-Seat, Umbrella Stroller upgrade, shopping cart cover, and high chair cover. With 100’s of patterns to chooses from ( I have the Stained Glass Window Print) there is definitely a pattern to suit every fashionista. What I really like best is how unique the Tend-A-Tot is. Everywhere I go , I get asked about it, it is a real conversation piece.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on all different gear, I think it is great to just have one product that serves many purposes, and doesn’t take up too much room in my New York City living space. Ranging in price from $199 to $299, it is a bargain, and can be used from infancy to 3 years old..

The Infant Tub of All Infant Tubs

With baby # 2 expected this April, I have been on a quest to find the latest and greatest of baby gear, that wasn’t around a few years ago when our son was born. My nesting instinct has kicked in, and last weekend, while cleaning out our basement, I came across our old mediocre infant tub, that was all dirty and worn. I added infant tub to my list of must haves for our new bundle of joy.

Boy was I surprised how the infant tub has changed! There are Spa Tubs, Euro Tubs, Foam Tubs, etc etc. The tub that caught my eye as the Tub of all Tubs is The Cleanwater Infant Tub by 4Moms. Their slogan is “if you spent a day in diapers, you’d want one too.” Brilliant!

The Cleanwater Infant Tub comes equip with a built in thermometer, rinse cup and clean water reservoir. There is hole in the side of the tub, so that cold, dirty water can drain out, while clean and perfectly warm water can flow in.

The tub is suitable for up to 25 lbs or babies up to 6 months old. Once a baby can sit up, this tub has run its course. It fits in single and double basin sinks.

We had Susan from Baby Bodyguards, try it out with her 3 month old, and she said it was “so cool and easy to use” , she really liked the built in thermometer feature.

The Cleanwater Infant Tub is available at stores like  Babies R Us, Target, as well as smaller specialty stores. You can enter your zip code on the site and it will tell you the store nearest you. The tub retails for about $40.

Epicuren Baby Daily Lotion

I had been hearing a lot of great things about the Episencial-Epicuren Baby Line, and was lucky enough to get my dry Winter beaten hands on their Baby Daily Lotion. I was really impressed with the lotion. It went on smoothly and was not greasy at all.

I was going to wait to review the lotion until our baby girl is born, but our son’s skin was so dry and rashy, i decided I couldn’t hold out and slathered him up in Epicuren. He has very sensitive skin and Epicuren uses 100% natural ingredients that are 75% organic. It’s great on sensitive skin!

I am a huge Anne Geddes fan, and Epicuren is made in association with her. Her photographs are on the packaging and are just too cute.

Nature's Paradise Giving 50% Off to our Readers

A while ago I raved about Nature’s Paradise, USDA Organic skin care line. Their Organic baby line is tops on my list, and I will be using this 50% off opportunity to stock up on products for our new baby on the way and the long list of baby showers I have coming up this Spring and Summer.

In order to receive your 50% discount all you have to do is enter the code “snow”, which will be vslid from December 23rd, till the 27th.

If you haven’t experienced Nature’s Paradise yet, use this discount as an opportunity to indulge yourself and your baby.  I swear by their Giovane Foaming Cleanser. My skin hasn’t looked as good in years since I started using it.

Boogie Wipes Work Wonders on Crusty Noses

Cold and flu season is upon us, and my almost 3 year old has what seems like an endless runny nose, which he is constantly rubbing on his sleeve, my sleeve, our couch, and the occasional tissue. It has gotten so bad that his nose is all crusty, and he fights me everytime I try to clean him up.

When my son was an infant, I would put saline drops in his nose, and use a humidifier at the first sign of a cold. It is not so easy to get the drops in his nose these days, which is why I was thrilled when I discovered Boogie Wipes!

Boogie Wipes are made with saline and actually dissolve boogies. Baby Bodyguards approves of Boogie Wipes because they are:

-Made with Natural Saline to Dissolve Mucus


-Alcohol Free

-Moisturize with Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile

Fun Scents Kids Love

Gentle Enough for All Ages

-and Phthalate & Paraben Free

At a few bucks a pack, these wipes are a must for cold and flu season!

Brilliant Solution for Stroller Storage!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Mary Ann, the founder of MetroTOTS. She gave me information about her brilliant invention called the StrollAway. I told her that I had to have one.

The StrollAway is every NYC and apartment dwellers answer to stroller storage. The StrollAway is a sturdy steel hanger that goes over the door to store your wheels out of the way, which is very important, because by law storing things in hallways of multiple family dwellings is considered a fire hazard and we can all use more space for baby to run around.

The StrollAway fits most stroller models and won’t put you in the poor house at around $50, or you can WIN one here.

WIN IT: Enter to win by 11/13/09. Winner will be picked by random and notified via email. 2 ways to win.

1) Email me at and tell me what city the StrollAway comes from . (1 entry)

2) Pick up a second entry by tweeting this giveaway and following BabyBodyguards on Twitter(1 entry)

Review of Beaba Babycook as Baby Mania Continues

I made all my own baby food with my first born. I would have a pot of water boiling, steam or boil some fruits, veggies, or soup. Then I would have to take out the blender, and blend away before letting the food cool off in ice cube trays and store away. It seemed easy enough, but cleaning pots and blenders is not fun. Occasionally, due to how sleep deprived I was, I would forget to shut my boiling water until there was hardly any water in the pot, along with some unrecognizable food item.

This time around I am being a bit more realistic. I wouldn’t characterize myself as lazy by any means, but I am definitely overwhelmed, and the baby hasn’t even arrived yet. When I heard about the Beaba Babycook, I was super interested in trying it because it just seems like such a cool gadget and I’m a Gadgetnista! I had some apples I got from our farm visit last week, and made the most delicious applesauce with it.

This cool gadget multitasks as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. It starts by steam cooking vegetables, fruits, meat and fish in less than 15 minutes, preserving their vitamins and flavors, then purees or blends them to your desired consistency. You can also use it to quickly reheat or defrost precooked foods.

I was thinking that the Beaba Babycook, was too good to be true. It must have BPA. I contacted the manufacturer and was assured that all components coming in contact with food are made of polypropylene (PP) and polysulfone (PSU) – all BPA and PVC-free materials.

The Babycook is not cheap. It retails for about $150, but if you consider how much buying baby food is, especially organic baby food, it is a pretty good deal.

Benefits of an Organic Crib Mattress

The morning sickness continues to plague me all…, so I decided to try to cheer myself up by continuing my Baby Shower Madness with our review of the Naturepedic NO-COMPROMISE™ ORGANIC COTTON ULTRA
Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress

Between the ages of birth and one year, babies will spend about 70% of the time sleeping. Given that statistic, deciding what your baby will be sleeping on is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. After a lot of research, I became sold on the idea that I would go Organic as far as crib mattresses go this time around.

Many Non-Organic crib mattresses contain a number of materials with questionable effects. Experts are starting to look at everything from polyurethane foam to chemical fire retardants to see what kinds of effects they may have on growing babies. Some studies have even shown a link between chemicals added as fire retardants and an increase in SIDS

Some experts say that Organic crib mattresses, with their natural ingredients, allow air to flow freely through the mattress. The better air circulation may help your baby breathe better. In addition, some studies suggest that the organic cotton may lead to a lower incidence of allergic reactions.

After researching Organic crib mattresses, I was most impressed with Naturepedic because they received the most awards and endorsements of any child mattress company on the market. They also  regularly test their products for chemical emissions and are certified by GREENGUARD? to meet their strict standards for children.

I ordered the NO-COMPROMISE™ ORGANIC COTTON ULTRA Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress and am very impressed with my choice. It provides firm support, provides an Organic cotton waterproof cover, is hypoallergenic, and provides fire protection. It is also one of the most reasonable prices on the market.

Naturepedic mattresses are sold in fine stores throughout the USA, or you can order online, and for about $35, the mattress will be delived to your door.

No More Yucky Hospital Gowns, Be a Hot Mama!

About a year ago I set up our Twitter account. It opened my eyes to so..many wonderful products on the market for new moms and babies. When I came across the Hot Mama Gown, I was floored. What a cool idea!

The Hot Mama Gown is a beautiful and comfortable alternative to the generic hospital gown. After all, you are creating the miracle of life, you should be dressed for he occasion.

What really impressed me about this gown is that it allows all the access the Hospital or Birthing Center will need; short sleeves for IV’s and blood pressure, a snap open back for epidurals/spinals (allows you to remain covered in the front). The coolest thing is that it is nursing friendly, which a hospital gown is not. There is a built-in panel for each breast, which allow for quick and easy access for breastfeeding. The ribbon tied panels, don’t require you to remove your arm from the gown to nurse, so you can nurse away while your in-laws are in your hospital room, and stay completely covered.

I contacted Deidrea (she invented the Hot Mama Gown) and told her how impressed I was with her idea, and that I had to have one. When my gown came, It exceeded all my expectations, and they were high. It was in one of the nicest boxes I have ever seen. The fabric, made of organic cotton, felt so nice on my skin. The print and colors were spectacular. I will not only be wearing this gown when I deliver baby X, but I will be wearing it for the few weeks afterward, as a great nursing nightgown.

I can’t think of a more thoughtful gift for a baby shower. At a time when everyone is focusing on baby, it is

Makes a great gift. Look at the box!
Makes a great gift. Look at the box!

nice to give Mama something she can feel beautiful and special in on what will be one of the best days of her life, and also a day when a lot of pictures are being taken.

The gowns come in six beautiful prints and cost approximately $150. Times are tough, but this is a definite splurge worth splurging for.

Stay tuned for pics of me on labor day in my Hot Mama Gown

Crunchy Clean Experience, Takes Laundry to the Next Level

We are always getting asked about safe everyday laundry detergent as well as detergent for cloth diapers. I set out on a quest to find a laundry detergent that we could feel comfortable using in our home as well as recommending to our clients. After much research we came across Crunchy Clean.

Crunchy Clean was created by Ashley, a work at home mom. She managed to create a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly detergent that actually works! It is safe for sensitive skin (which I have) and baby skin.

For those of you cloth diapering. Her diaper detergent is free of enzymes, soap and borax, to help extend the life of your diapers.

There are so… many scents to choose from and all scents are phthalate free. I tried Monkey Fart (smells much sweeter than it sounds) and Bergamot & Tarragon. They were so different, but both equally lovely. There is also an unscented option.

As soon as my package arrived, I rushed to the washing machine to put a load in. I was a bit concerned because the scent was strong. I was super surprised and delighted  when my wash was finished, there was only a hint of wonderful fragrance. Nothing at all overpowering, just perfect and clean.

The best part is, this stuff is super affordable. For $9.50, you get enough detergent for 80 loads in a regular washing maching, and 160 loads in a high efficiency model. You can buy directly at Crunchy Clean. Or on Etsy.