Do Children Need I.D.?

My son is at an age where he can say a few words. He even says his name, which is only coherent to me and his dad. He is also at an age where he hates to be strapped into a stroller or a shopping cart. The other day, while shopping at Target, my son let go of my hand and tried to run off. For a brief second, I lost sight of him in a crowd of people and I couldn’t breathe, I felt as if I was having a heart attack. It was seriously just a second. The crowd cleared and there was my son, happy as can be, pulling items off a shelf.

Later that evening, while sharing the story with my husband, we started to discuss whether our son should have I.D. If he ever did get lost, or if something ever happened to me or the person he is with, he wouldn’t be able to communicate. I know, it is an awful thing to think about. I cringe at the thought, but I have always been a worrywart.

I came across a really cute product called Spot Me ID, it is a line of temporary identification products that will help reunite a parent with a child if they were ever to become separated.

Spot Me ID agrees with the experts who say it is not a good idea to put your child’s name on their person. They recommend putting the parents contact information on their products. By providing the authorities with a parents name and cell phone number, this will be very helpful to insure a quick reunion.

There products come in 3 varieties. They have bracelets, lanyards and temporary tattoos. They are all animated and cute.

Baby Bodyguards is happy to have come across such a great product and I will be getting a bracelet for my son.