"Don't Take a Vacation from Your Car Seat"

It’s summer time, which for a lot of folks means it’s vacation time. If the gas prices are not holding you back, neither should the fact that you have children. Be brave, take them along. Traveling with your kids in tow just gotten a little easier and safer
AAA, America’s leading advocate for child passenger safety, and Hertz, the world’s largest car rental company, have joined forces to help keep America’s youngest passengers safe and secure while traveling.
The “Don’t Take a Vacation from Your Car Seat,” campaign, is a first-ever, combined effort to build awareness that parents must put their children in child safety seats and booster seats when they rent a vehicle.
“Family travelers want and need to protect their children when they ride in a rented automobile,” said Mark H. Brown, Executive Vice President of AAA.
He noted a recent AAA-Hertz survey found that 95 percent of parents who travel with a child six years of age or younger reported that their child needed to be in a child safety or booster seat. “Hertz and AAA want to make it easier for parents who may worry about the inconvenience of bringing a child safety seat while travelling.”
You can reserve a seat online at www.AAA.com/hertz and www.hertz.com.
Source :www.aaanewsroom.net