FYI Window Guards are the Law in NYC

In NYC, every year a number of children fall out of windows because of faulty window guards or no window guards period!
This is unacceptable, avoidable and ILLEGAL!
Only window guards approved be the Health Department can be installed. They must be made of strong metal. And they must –by–law be put in right and put in tight, or they won’t work.

Here is some info from the NYC Department of Health Website (

Window guards must by law be installed on your windows…

…if you live in a building that has three or more apartments and a child under age 11 lives in your apartment. Even if you live on the first floor, you must have window guards if a child under age 11 lives with you. Every window in the apartment must have a window guard except windows leading to fire escapes. In buildings with fire escapes , window guard must be left off one window in each ground-floor apartment so that the window can be used as and emergency exit. All public hallway windows must have window guards, too.

Even if you do not have a child under age 11 living with you, you still can have window guards if you want them. You might want them because children visit you, or you babysit, or and older person needs protection. Or may be you just feel safer with window guards. You don’t have to give a reason. If you want them, they have to be installed. It’s that simple. But, remember, if a child under age 11 lives with you, there is no choice– they must be installed. It’s the law!

Your landlord or building super– not you– must install window guards in your apartment’s windows. Your landlord or super must also fix any window guards that need repairs, and install window guards in all hall windows if a child under age 11 lives in the building.

If you want or need window guards or if they are loose or need fixing, call your landlord or management company Call the Health Department’s Window Falls Prevention Program at (212) 676-2162 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.