Ikea Opens in Brooklyn

On June 18th, Ikea opened its doors in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I was not among the hundreds of people camped outside hoping to receive a free couch or chair, but I did make my way down there a few days later.
I am a big Ikea fan. Ikea has furnished every apartment I have had since I left my parents house. Now that I have a house and a family of my own (including a wild toddler), Ikea furniture isn’t as durable as I would like, but I still find myself longing to go to the store. Maybe it’s the lingonberries, which I have yet to taste, but like that they are available to me at Ikea if I choose to indulge, or the fact that I can buy a wok, some dishes, candles and a picture frame for under $20. Whatever it is, I am hooked!
While at Ikea on Sunday, I noticed that Ikea has a line of Childproofing products. Baby Bodyguards has not tested the Ikea gate, but it is on our to do list. The prices are very reasonable. We have tested the Patrull Multilock, while it is inexpensive and kept our little one out of the refridgerator, it takes two hands to close and is a bit inconvenient.
What I am thrilled about is the toys Ikea sells! I read their safety standards and wrote to them personally, and they assured me that none of their wooden toys contain any harmful lead. For more information visit http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/about_ikea/social_environmental/toy_safety.html