Is Your Babysitter A Certified Babysitter?

A few weeks ago I had my husband’s cousins over for dinner. They came with their 5 children ranging in age from 17 to 6. My toddler was in heaven from all the attention he was getting from the kids, and I was in heaven because I was finally able to eat my dinner with two hands and before it was ice cold.

The kids were fantastic with my son. They took turns reading books to him. The 17 year old was playing him music from his cell phone, which he was fascinated with. I had never seen a group of children handle a baby so well.

They offered to babysit for my son whenever we needed and told me they were Certified Babysitters by the American Red Cross. I never knew there was such a thing!

The American Red Cross offers a Babysitters class for kids 11-15 who want to be responsible babysitters. They learn how to respond to emergencies and illnesses, make decisions under pressure, recognize safety and hygiene issues, communicate with parents, manage young children and confidently care for infants.

I am lucky enough to have my mother living very close by, and she cares for my son whenever we need a night out, but i take comfort in knowing that there is such a thing as a Certified Babysitter.
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