Is Your Trash Can Safe for Your Toddler?

Most of our clients know that the kitchen poses many risks for children. Between the stove, the under the sink cabinet usually full of cleaning agents, and sharp knives in the drawer, it is no wonder that the kitchen tops our list of dangerous rooms in the house. What we have noticed, is that a lot of the homes we visit have garbage cans which pose a serious risk to young children.

Last week a dear friend of mine told me of his most recent Emergency Room visit. His 22 month old daughter, stuck her little hand into the recycling can and cut herself badly on the sharp edge of an aluminium can. She needed 8 stitches. He said it happened in a second, and it was the first time she had ever shown any interest in the can.

I have a child safe can in my house, but what I was surprised about, is if you do an Internet search for a child friendly garbage can, not many results come up. If you search a dog friendly can, or a can to keep raccoons out, you get pages and pages of suggestions.

One of the best cans on the market is the Superhuman Slim Plastic Can. You step on a pedal to open it, and it has a sliding lock which keeps the lid shut for safety. If this can doesn’t work with your decor , there are others on the market, just make sure it has a lid lock.