Life Hacks for Baby Safety

Why not buy a pinch guard designed for a door at around the same price?

I’m a fan of life hacks.  I’ve learned new cooking methods, seen interesting furniture made from recycled materials, and even found an interesting way to peel a banana.  These suggestions are creative and clever.

But I was surprised and shocked to discover homemade hacks aimed at baby proofing a house that are inadequate and often dangerous for a child.  One showed a stair gate made of leftover cloth and plastic tubing.  Another used recycled rubber bands from newspapers to secure kitchen cleaners in the cabinets. Yet another misguided suggestion was a homemade crib toy that is a choking hazard.

So not all life hacks are created equal.

A cloth stair barrier, for instance, may not bear the weight of a child leaning against it.  Plus it’s cumbersome for an adult to remove in order to use the stairs, increasing the chances that a busy grown-up leaves it off. Rubber bands break, giving small children access to things they shouldn’t get into.

And some suggestions don’t make economic sense.  Using a pool noodle as an anti-pinch device on a door costs about the same as an attractive foam piece designed for that purpose.

Real, tested, secure child proofing materials are what your child deserves, and a certified professional can point out and correct hazards that new parents may not have the time or experience to notice—in furniture, outlets, cords, windows, houseplants, and more.

Baby proofing an average home takes time–time to research, choose, buy, make, and install it all.  A professional visit provides thorough inspection, materials, installation, and parental education in a worry-free way—and busy parents can devote their time to their child.

Still want to add a creative touch?  Why not a cloth cover for a solid, safe, well-mounted stair gate that’s designed to protect your toddler and be convenient for parents?

Pinterest serves up great ideas—for many things.  The trend in trying crafts and unique projects is outstanding.  But baby safety is too important to be a do-it-yourself experiment.  As I said, I’m a fan of life hacks (most of the time).  Saving a little money is good.  Saving a little one from injury or worse is priceless.