Magic Thermometer

The other day I sent Fred (my husband) to the pharmacy to pick something up. He came back with all sorts of unnecessary items, which he always does. I became enraged when I looked in the bag and found a new thermometer (we have at least 5). This thermometer claimed to be able to take a babies temperature without even touching the baby. I couldn’t understand how Fred could be so easily fooled into believing this was possible.

Thermofocus by Kidz-Med, is a No-Touch thermometer, that gives a 1-second reading by using infrared technology. As I was reading the instructions, I was anticipating the mother ship to come and take me away.

I usually take our son’s temperature the old fashioned way. He gets hysterical if he even sees me going near the thermometer.  I consider myself to be open to new things, so I gave the Thermofocus a try. It was pretty accurate. My temperature read 99.0 F. I tried it on our son, and he loved it!

To use it, you just press a button, which produces two red dots, you have to adjust the position of the thermofocus, until you make a perfect red circle, on either the forehead, neck, armpit, etc, and then you just release the button. It is super easy and fun too.

The Thermofocus can also be used to gauge the temperature of inanimate objects such as food, bath water, formula, and a nursery. It is also FDA approved.