Making Healthy Food for Your Baby

If a lot of you are anything like me, I know you are saying to yourself”I barely have time to shower, Why on Earth would I make my own baby food?”
I made all of my own baby food because once I gave it a try, I realized how much fun it was, how healthy it is and how much money I saved.
I used a Magic Bullet, which was a gift from my grandparents. I laughed at first because they are known for buying the “As Seen On TV” products, but this is a real winner. Unlike a blender or food processor, it isn’t a pain in the butt to clean, because the cup that you blend the food in, detaches from the base and it is the only part you have to wash. Check out their site to see what I mean.
The only other 2 items needed were plastic bags and ice cube trays.
The first food I made for my son was applesauce. I was intimidated at first because the only applesauce I have ever experienced came out of a Mott’s jar, but I peeled an apple, cut it into pieces and put it in a pot with just enough water to cover it, and let it boil. After about 20 minutes, I shut the stove and waited for the apple to cool a bit. I then put it in the Magic Bullet and blended it for 15 seconds. I poured the applesauce into ice cube trays, waited for the sauce to get to room temperature and put the trays in the freezer.
It was a great feeling to watch my son delight in the food I had prepared for him.
Some other combinations I made regularly were:

Bananas (you just blend with a little bit of water, no cooking necessary)
Pears (same recipe as apples, just use pears)
Potato and peas (boil both and blend together)
Chicken Soup (I would make a delicious soup with sweet potato, carrots, and chicken, and then blend it together. I didn’t use salt)
Sweet Potato and Apples (boil together and blend)
Lentil Soup (I would boil red lentils and blend into a smooth consistency)
Pumpkin (I would boil and blend pumpkin with some cinnamon)
One of my favorite baby sites is , they have great recipe ideas and sample menus for babies and toddlers.

Happy Blending