New Approach to Prenatal Supplements

Fred and I have started toying with the idea to add a new addition to our family. Unfortunately, I was plagued with terrible nausea from the day after conception till about 4 months in, and taking my prenatal vitamins felt like a cruel punishment to my already sensitive stomach. So I set out on a search to find a prenatal supplement that I could tolerate and would provide the necessary folic acid, omega-3 fish oils and vitamin D that are recommended by my OBGYN.

During my bout with morning sickness, the only way that I could get out of bed in the morning was to chew a ginger candy. Ginger does wonders for nausea! I came across a chewable prenatal supplement by Bloomen Nutrition, that tastes just like the ginger candy I used to chew and has all the essential nutrients to nourish a developing baby. A months supply costs $15, and you can order it online. They can also send you a free sample first to see if you like it. Trust me you will.