Our Hearts go out to Kletzky Family of Brooklyn

I woke up this morning to read the tragic news. 8 year old Leibby Kletzky was found dead in Brooklyn after being abducted on his way home from Summer camp. I couldn’t finish my breakfast and I hugged my children tight. What a nightmare! I can’t even imagine what the Kletzky family is going through or how it is possible to go on after something so horrible happening to your child.

I started thinking about my 4 year old son and what he knows about strangers. I asked him a few weeks ago, what he would do if a someone he didn’t know asked him for help finding a dog, or offered him some candy. He got very upset with my question, probably because they covered this in his preschool. He said he wouldn’t talk to someone he doesn’t know. I felt relieved that he answered that way.

Today I thought of another scenario. I’m not sure what my son would do if he was approached by someone who told him that his parents asked him to pick him up. I think this is what might have happened to Leibby Kleztky. I am going to be sure to have this discussion with my son tonight, not that I ever let him walk around by himself at 4. Here are some great tips to talk to children about.

When I was a child we had the McGruff Crime Dog commercials. I was petrified of them and didn’t watch channel 4 for a whole year after seeing one of the commercials, but I still remember it. It was effective!

It’s a crazy time, and as parents we want to do everything in our power to protect our children. Please sit down tonight with your kids and make sure they know how to handle strangers.

Kletzky family, our hearts and prayers go out to you