Review of BabyGanics

At Baby Bodyguards, we are always looking for all natural, chemical free products to try. If the product meets our strict safety criteria, we recommend the product to our clients. Well, after experimenting with some cleaning products made by Healthy Home Products, called BabyGanics, we will be adding BabyGanics to our list of Baby Bodyguard Approved Products.
All BabyGanic products are non-toxic and organic, and “safe for people, pets , and the environment.” Their products come in unscented and scented formulas. I happen to love the scent of lavender, so the scented is more my speed.
I have been using the BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner, every day since I got my hands on it, and it does a wonderful job getting all the grime off my son’s highchair tray and I don’t have to worry about him ingesting all kinds of toxins.
I have also been using their Glass and Surface Cleaner, and I must say, it does a fantastic job of getting greasy fingerprints off my glass doors and windows, as well as all of our appliances, without leaving any residue.
BabyGanics Gets The Baby Bodyguard Seal of Approval!