Senator Schumer and Other Key Members of The House and Senate, Sponsor Bill To Ban BPA

Congressional leaders have introduced a bill to ban BPA in all food and beverage containers. The bill goes a lot further than bans being proposed by counties , cities and states, many of which are limited to getting BPA out of products intended for children under the age of 4.

But, despite overwhelming evidence presented by a wide array of experts saying that BPA is dangerous, the FDA continues to maintain that current BPA exposure levels do not pose an immediate health risk to the general population, including infants and young children. Worse, it is widely known that the agency relied solely on two industry-funded studies for its information, something for which it has long been criticized.

BPA used for baby bottles has  been banned in Canada, and Retailers like Babies “R” Us and Target no longer sell baby bottles containing BPA, six major baby bottle makers announced last week that they would no longer produce bottles with BPA and chemical manufacturer Sunoco announced last week that it would no longer sell BPA to manufacturers unless they could guarantee the chemical wasn’t going into products for babies and toddlers.

It finally looks like we are getting somewhere!