Sterilizing Safely

I’ll never forget those first few weeks of parenthood. As thrilled as I was to have my healthy beautiful boy home with me, I was in a daze. Having not slept a full night in 9+ months (my bladder was in overdrive), I could hardly function, yet I had to master breastfeeding, swaddling, baby language etc… I was a mess!
New parents all have that look, you know the look. The dark circles under the eyes, the glassy stare. We go through the motions of normalcy even though our whole life has been turned upside down over night.
When my son was a week old, I was sterilizing some pacifiers in a pot on the stove. I was a sterilization addict, so it was like the 10th time that week I was sterilizing something. My mom came over and suggested we take the baby out for a while. After an hour of walking around on 7th Avenue, I started panicking. I couldn’t remember if I shut the stove! I left the baby with my mother and ran. One week postpartum and I was running as if I were being chased by a pack of wild dogs.
Sure enough, I had gotten to the house just in time, The stove was on, the water had all evaporated and the plastic was melting and burning, the smell was just awful!
Now I always warn new parents to use a tea kettle. Even dazed and confused, one can’t ignore
the whistle of a tea kettle.