Summer Shouldn't Equal Drowning

Summer and pool time go hand in hand. The other night as I was getting ready for bed, I had the news on. Once again, a little child had drowned in a pool out on LI, and was clinging to life in the intensive care unit. As I shed a few tears, I grew furious. It’s not fair and just unacceptable! The cost of maintaining a safe pool is nothing compared to the devastation of losing a child.
I am not claiming to be a Supermom but I accept that I’m not, and know that it only takes a minute or two for a child to get into trouble and possibly drown if a pool is nearby. My parents have a pool and before I would let me son play there, I made sure they got a 4 foot pool fence.
All pools on Long Island and throughout the state are supposed to be inspected when they are built to ensure they meet regulations, including a new state requirement for an alarm for any pool built or substantially modified after Dec. 14, 2006. The problem is, it cost too much to actually have inspectors go door to door regulating residential pools. It is up to the pool owner to follow regulations.
Baby Bodyguards also urges parents to teach their children how to swim as early as possible. Check out your local YMCA for classes.
If you are a pool owner and would like to install a pool fence but don’t know where to begin, feel free to contact us at Baby Bodyguards.