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Cleaning Green With BabyGanics

I was thrilled when my package of BabyGanics products arrived at my door. I had reviewed some of their products last year, and raved about them. They recently changed their look, and have added some new products to their line of goodies and I couldne’t wait to check them out.

I was able to test drive the Dish Dazzler and the fragrance free All Purpose Cleaner aka Grime Fighter. I was impressed by both products, but that didn’t surprise me. The Dish Dazzler, cleaned my dishes and wasn’t rough on my hands like other dish soaps, so often are. Grime Fighter, cleaned all the dried oatmeal from my two year old’s breakfast on my kitchen table in a jiffy, and didn’t leave behind any residue.

I trust BabyGanics, a company created by two clean-freak dads who wanted to create cleaning products that were safe for our babies and our planet.

BabyGanics, is ultra affordable, at around $6 a product, and is available at big stores like Babies R Us, Cosco and Buy Buy Baby, as well as many others.