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Is Baby Bodyguards a Luxury Service? Hmmm

luxuryYesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with an old friend and checking out the Brooklyn Flea. I highly recommend it, the best part was the grilled cheese sandwich from Milk Truck.

While perusing around, we got into a heated debate about whether Baby Bodyguards is a luxury service meant for CEO’s and celebrities. My dear friend who shall remain nameless, seems to think we are, and that our prices are too low for what we offer and the clientele we are servicing.

While it is true that we have serviced celebrities such as most recently, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, as well as top Broadway producers, some De Niro’s, CEO’s, and many of the world’s top hedge fund managers, we also have our fair share of teachers, nurses, lawyers  and 9 to 5 employees who take advantage of our services because they understand that babyproofing is not optional, it is a necessity!

When we came up with the idea for Baby Bodyguards, we wanted child safety to be something affordable to everyone. 1 in 4 children suffers an accidental injury in the home requiring an ER visit, and this is unacceptable to us.

My friend and I then started discussing whether babyproofing is something that most can do on their own. Yes, it is, so is changing your water heater, but I wouldn’t want to do that on my own. We have babyproofed hundreds of homes in the past few years so when we walk into a home, the dangers are very obvious to us. Plus, we have all of our tools handy as well as the safety devices and in a matter of hours everything is done. Our clients can spend the weekend with their family doing fun things instead of  reading manuals, going back and forth to  hardware stores, and Buy Buy Baby trying to get done what we get done in a matter of hours.

So, after giving this  lots of thought, my conclusion is that yes, we service the rich and famous but we also service those that aren’t. The one thing our clients all have in  common is they want the best for their baby and with our prices being within everyone’s reach they can have the best in safety and convenience.

After all, this is New York……