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Clean George, All Natural and Alcohol Free Hand Purifier

Fall is in the air today. It’s my favorite of the seasons, but with Fall, also comes Flu, Colds, etc. I have been known to carry antibacterial hand sanitizer in my diaper bag. I am not proud of it, but after a subway ride, if there is no sink in sight, I sanitize.

The problem with antibacterial hand sanitizers is that they may lead to “super germs” and make us more sick. Sanitizers containing alcohol kill bad bacteria, but kill they good stuff too. What is a mom to do?

I then came across the Clean George website. Clean George makes hand purifiers that are alcohol free, contain no synthetic antibacterials, and no chemicals. Best of all, this stuff actually moisturizes. I can actually use this stuff on my son’s hands and not worry about him ingesting yucky chemicals.

Clean George comes in three scents Lavin lavender, and Grapefruit n’ Sage, which we love!!! and Mint-alyptus, which is nice, but in my opinion not as awesome as the other two. At $9.99 a bottle, try them all and see what scent works for you.

Goodbye Alcohol. Triclosan, and Benzalkonium and HELLO CLEAN GEORGE…..