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OMG!!! I Dropped the Baby

I was home with 2 sick kids Wednesday morning. The day was going smoothly. I was on the couch nursing the baby, my son was watching TV, but then he started trying to get my attention by trying to put his foot on the baby’s head. Boob was still in mouth, and the phone was ringing. I tried not to break the latch, got up to get the phone, and then it happened…OMG, I dropped the baby!!!!!

There she was on the hardwood floor screaming. I was in shock. I picked her up, started crying, calmed my son down, and called the pediatrician. I got the secretary, and through my sobs I explained that I dropped my baby. She was calm as could be and said “come in at 2pm if you want” huh… did she not hear me? I dropped my baby! She asked me if the baby cried, I said yes, she asked if the baby was vomiting, I said no. My daughter was alert, I couldn’t even make out a bump on her head.

I took her in at 2pm, and got her checked out, and she was fine, I on the other hand took 24 hours and 2 glasses of wine that night to recover.

btw…my Pediatrician confessed to getting at least 2 calls a week from frantic moms who accidentally dropped the baby too.

What to look for if your baby falls: look for swelling and bumps on the head, body and limbs, and then look for signs of head injury. Dr. Sears has great info on this here