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DANGER Electricity and Water = Tragedy

The other day I received an email from a concerned grandmother of ten, and the maker of Tend-A-Tot (check it out, totally cool product), Elizabeth Vouvakis. She wrote Baby Bodyguards, because she was alarmed by the number of homes she visits where electrical appliances are left plugged in near sinks and tubs. She is even more concerned than your average mom/grandma because she personally knows two families, who had young children pull hair dryers into the bathtub and were killed.

It is really important to unplug electrical appliances when not in use and to have outlets covered . It is even more important to install ground-fault circuit interupters on outlets near sinks and bathtubs aka GFCI outlets. With a GFCI outlet, the circuit will trip if water comes in contact with electricity. Please also remember to test your GFCI outlet monthly. On most GFCIs is a statement to “Test Monthly”. That means pushing the test button, seeing that the reset has popped out, seeing that nothing will run using the outlet at that point, and then pushing the reset.