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Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker

The other day while at the park with my family, there was a little boy about 3 years old, standing with two policemen. The boy was lost, and the police were looking all around the park for a panicking parent. Sadly, they couldn’t find anyone, and the boy was taken to the precinct.Fred and I were horrified. We couldn’t even imagine what we would do if we lost sight of our son.

A while ago, I was looking for interesting products to review and I came across the Giggle Bug Tracker. It is a cute clip-on lady bug with a handheld device for an adult. To find a missing child, the adult triggers the Giggle Bug by pressing the button on the hand-held unit. The Giggle Bug will emit a loud, distinctive but child-friendly “beep” until the child is located and the adult resets the unit. The Giggle Bug range is 75-100 feet indoors and 100 + feet outdoors. Range varies based on environment and obstructions.

I have to be honest. I really love the idea of this product, but it was shipped to me not working. I bet it only needs a new battery, which I will get around to getting one of these days. It sells for $19.95 for 2, which is very reasonable. The complaint with the older version was that it didn’t beep loud enough. I was assured by the maker that the new version is much louder.