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Healthy Hydration For Moms and Moms to Be Behold GLOW MAMA

So, I wrote about my recently found Twitter addiction. It is a great way to network, and I am meeting moms around the globe who are also passionate about keeping children safe and healthy and products designed for that purpose.

I came across Glow Mama, a great tasting drink designed for and by moms and moms to be. During my pregnancy, I had such a difficult time giving up my Diet Coke and iced coffee, had I known about Glow Mama, I would have had an easier time.

My son, with 101 fever, glad he is staying hydrated

Glow Mama has many of the important vitamins, minerals and fiber (4 grams great for preggo constipation) needed during this special time. As soon as I opened up a bottle to taste Glow Mama, my two year old grabbed it out of my hand and started chugging it. I looked at the ingredients and breathed a sigh of relief, because it is so healthy, I was glad he was enjoying it so much. It is quite refreshing and I chugged the other bottle. At only 70 calories per bottle, I had nothing to feel guilty about.

The website, has great Mocktail recipes, that I think would make any baby shower a lot of fun. They also have cool gift packs such as the Mocktail Gift Pack, The Eco Gift Pack, and functional packages, such as the One Week Sampler. At less than $15, it is a steal!

Now, if only Glow Mama comes up with an equally cool drink for toddlers!