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Solution to Tap Water Scalding

A few weeks ago I learned that a child I know suffered 2nd degree burns when her nanny turned her back for a second and the child turned the bath faucet on, scolding her arm. We always recommend that the water temperature in a house NOT be above 120 degrees.

The problem arises when parents live in a building, where they don’t have control over the water temperature. Baby Bodyguards now has the solution! We came across HotStop Anti-Scalding products. These products are designed to stop water flow if the water temperature reaches a dangerous level.

The HotStop line of products features tub spouts (with and without diverter), shower heads and a hand showers. All four products have the HotStop scald protection built into the fixture.

I installed HotStop in my own shower to try out. I happen to like hot showers and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my shower, but I did. The HotStop didn’t interfere with the temperature I prefer. I then tested to make sure that it worked. I ran the water, and as soon as the water got a wee bit hotter than I enjoy, it shut off, and resumed running once the water cooled down.

If you have any questions or are interested in HotStop, contact us