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New Baby New Breastpump

hygeia-enjoye-extIMG_0495Our new Baby Bodyguards’s baby was born on April 19th 9:40 pm. After spending the day at a children’s carnival with our son, I went to take a nap, and POP! my water broke. Off to the hospital we went, and 31 hours, 3 pushes later, out little girl was born.

I researched breastpumps before the birth, because I used the Medela Pump in Style, with our first baby, and although it worked just fine in the beginning, I felt it fizzled out after a while and after calling the hotline and replacing all the membranes, and tubing etc, still no luck. I was kind of dismayed to then realize it only had a 1 year warranty.

I wanted to try something new, and that is when I came across Enjoye by Hygeia. I contacted them and they sent me a pump to test out for this blog post.

The Enjoye is a hospital grade pump and  has some pretty cool and unique features such as:

  • Proven performance for working moms with long-term and frequent pumping needs. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Usually more affordable than other rental pumps
  • More portable and convenient than other rental pumps
  • Features the unique Hygeia CARE Button for Customized, Audio, Recording, Experience so you can record your baby or other sound to enhance your breastpumping experience
  • Offers single or double pumping flexibility
  • Electric or battery operation with the included internal battery pack. The rechargeable battery is ideal for battery-dependent pumpers
  • Green Breastpump, Can be shared by multiple mothers when each has her own personal accessory set
  • Recycle the EnJoye when you no longer need it. See recycling instructions.
  • Mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls
  • Safe, because all parts that come into contact with breastmilk are
    BPA/DEHP Free

I was very pleased to learn about Hygeia’s 3 year warranty. That is one of the longest in the industry.

I have used the Enjoye twice so far, and so far so good. I am able to get just as much milk as with the Pump in Style in it’s glory days, but find the suction action to be a lot more comfortable and similar to my babies feeding pattern.

The Enjoye is also very reasonable priced, between $219 and $299, and very lightweight.

I have only used this pump twice, but it is off to an awesome start. I will be updating again to let you all know how this pans out.