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Getting a New Dog Without Compromising Your Child's Safety

It’s been about a month now since we adopted our new puppy. The process of finding the right dog for our family was one we did not take lightly. It took 3 trips to North Shore Animal League, and lots of research until we sealed the deal.

The last thing I wanted was a puppy that had to be trained, and was going to chew on our furniture and pee on our rugs, but that is exactly what we came home with. The last few weeks have been exhausting. There were so… many beautiful older dogs at North Shore, but on every cage they have a little info about the dog, and I couldn’t find a dog, where the information card stated that the dog would be good with children of ALL ages.

A dog’s temperment can have a lot to do with the way it was treated as a puppy. We didn’t want to chance getting an older dog and not knowing where the dog came from, how it was treated, etc. We figured training a puppy, as well as our 2.5 year old together would be the safest bet.

I want to recommend a great article I found on GrowingUpWithPets.com . This aricle gave us so much insight on choosing the right dog for us, as well as how to help teach our toddler the proper way to interact with our new family member.

Child-pet respect is a two-way street, and it certainly isn’t taught overnight. With a little time and effort, I am sure all our hard work is going to pay off. I hope….