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A Few Pointers on Finding Safe Toys for the Holidays

Years ago,  before I was a mother and safety fanatic, I used to think that if a toy was manufactured for children, then it had to be safe for them too. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Below are some tips to help you find a safe gift for the children you cherish.

1-Don’t purchase toys with small magnets that can be swallowed. The dangerous toy that comes to mind is the alphabet refrigerator magnets. They have tiny magnets that easily come off the back.

2-Beware of costume jewelry for children, it may contain lead or cadmium.

3-Look for toys painted with nontoxic paint or dyes.

4-Look for toys made with natural materials.

5-Sign up to get email alerts from the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commision), they email up to date information about product recalls.

6-Watchout for toys made with vinyl products or PVC. PVC is several times more likely to contain hazardous additives compared with other plastics.

Have a Happy Holiday and a safe one too!!!!!