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Rental Car Companies With Car Seats

It’s travel season!!! I am in the middle of planning a trip to Puerto Rico with the family. We are not resort staying people. We like to explore a location and really get the local feel and experience. The car seat situation is the only thing that had me thinking that we may have to just lounge on the beach and dine at a resort during our stay because the thought of schlepping 2 car seats and 2 children had me nauseas. That’s when I remembered reading about  car rental companies that have child safety seats available.

This Is from Thrifty FAQ: Should I bring a child seat with me or will the rental location furnish one?

The decision is yours. All states and several countries require children under a certain age to be secured in child seats. You can save time at check-in by placing a request for your child seat when you make an advance reservation. A few new vehicles, like the Chrysler minivan available through Thrifty, have child seats built in. You should know that we cannot guarantee the availability of child seats, so please make your decision accordingly.


Here is what Avis says:
Child safety seats are available for infants and toddlers at most U.S. Avis locations. The usual cost is $13.00/day or $65.00/week (5-7 days) with a maximum of $65.00/rental for the use of an Avis child safety seat. Seats must be returned to the original renting location or an additional $15 fee will apply to the rental. Failure to return the seat in the same condition as received (minus normal wear and tear) may result in a $50 additional charge.Types and brands of cars seats vary by location.Our child safety seats can be reserved only when renting a car with Avis. If you’re not renting with Avis and need a safety seat, a local rent-all center that carries tables, chairs, cribs, etc., is recommended.Child safety seats can be reserved online, but the price is not included in the Estimated Total. If you need to modify the number or type of seat reserved, please contact customer service.


Dollar Rent A Car offers child safety seats, both toddler and infant, for rent at all locations. In addition, certain models of the Dodge Caravan come with built-in child safety seats, and back-door child safety locks come standard on most Chrysler vehicles. For details, call the Dollar location at which you have reserved your car.

Alamo also offers seats. They claim to have child safety seats at airport-serving locations in the United States and Canada for an additional charge.Child booster seats are featured in some locations but in limited quantities. Remember, you can inquire with your airline about bringing your personal child booster seat or child safety seat from home. They state it is the renter’s responsibility to properly install and fasten a child safety or child booster seat.

It seems the majority of car rental companies are now supplying child safety seats in limited supply. The best thing to do is reserve the seat in advance, make sure you are requesting the appropriate seat for your child (infant, convertible, booster), and are well versed in how to install the seat properly.

Puerto Rico here we come!!!!