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Epicuren Baby Daily Lotion

I had been hearing a lot of great things about the Episencial-Epicuren Baby Line, and was lucky enough to get my dry Winter beaten hands on their Baby Daily Lotion. I was really impressed with the lotion. It went on smoothly and was not greasy at all.

I was going to wait to review the lotion until our baby girl is born, but our son’s skin was so dry and rashy, i decided I couldn’t hold out and slathered him up in Epicuren. He has very sensitive skin and Epicuren uses 100% natural ingredients that are 75% organic. It’s great on sensitive skin!

I am a huge Anne Geddes fan, and Epicuren is made in association with her. Her photographs are on the packaging and are just too cute.

Crunchy Clean Experience, Takes Laundry to the Next Level

We are always getting asked about safe everyday laundry detergent as well as detergent for cloth diapers. I set out on a quest to find a laundry detergent that we could feel comfortable using in our home as well as recommending to our clients. After much research we came across Crunchy Clean.

Crunchy Clean was created by Ashley, a work at home mom. She managed to create a safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly detergent that actually works! It is safe for sensitive skin (which I have) and baby skin.

For those of you cloth diapering. Her diaper detergent is free of enzymes, soap and borax, to help extend the life of your diapers.

There are so… many scents to choose from and all scents are phthalate free. I tried Monkey Fart (smells much sweeter than it sounds) and Bergamot & Tarragon. They were so different, but both equally lovely. There is also an unscented option.

As soon as my package arrived, I rushed to the washing machine to put a load in. I was a bit concerned because the scent was strong. I was super surprised and delighted  when my wash was finished, there was only a hint of wonderful fragrance. Nothing at all overpowering, just perfect and clean.

The best part is, this stuff is super affordable. For $9.50, you get enough detergent for 80 loads in a regular washing maching, and 160 loads in a high efficiency model. You can buy directly at Crunchy Clean. Or on Etsy.