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Fantastic Urgent Care Facility in Brooklyn

docs and nursesWhat do you do when you baby gets sick on a Sunday at 8PM? This was exactly the predicament I found myself in last week. My 3 year old, all of a sudden started pulling on his ear, telling us he was in pain, and the thermometer read 102.

I searched Google looking for a walk-in urgent care center, but couldn’t find anything open so late at night. I called our pediatrician, who said to just give him Motrin and bring him in the next day. I was going to do just that until my Aunt who used to be the head ER nurse¬†at Victory Memorial clued me in to one of Brooklyn’s greatest secrets.

The old Victory Memorial Hospital, which has been shut down, on 92nd Street and 7th Avenue in Bay Ridge, now has a 24/7 Urgent Care Center run by SUNY Downstate, in what used to be Victory’s ER, for non-life-threatening cases.

We pulled right up to the Center, got a legal spot right in front, talk about VIP :) and proceeded to follow the signs to the 3rd floor. We were so…. elated when we got there, and saw we were the only patients in the place, and there was a full medical staff waiting to help us with smiles and kindness.

A wonderful nurse evaluated our little boy. She asked him questions, took his temperature and weighed him. Then a lovely young doctor checked his ears and throat, and within  30 minutes we were back in the car going to fill his prescription.

BTW….This cost us nothing. They didn’t even take our co-pay.

Here is the address and phone number

SUNY Downstate
699 92nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11228
(718) 567-1400