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Tend-A-Tot, 6 in 1 Tote

One of my favorite connections i have made through Twitter, is Elizabeth VouVakis, mother to five, grandmother to ten, and inventor extraordinaire. She has never been a stay in one place kind of mom, and wanted to invent a product to help moms on the go provide nurture, comfort and security and she has succeeded with the Tend-A-Tot!

The Tend-A-Tot, serves as astylish diaper bag, baby sling, Insta-Seat, Umbrella Stroller upgrade, shopping cart cover, and high chair cover. With 100’s of patterns to chooses from ( I have the Stained Glass Window Print) there is definitely a pattern to suit every fashionista. What I really like best is how unique the Tend-A-Tot is. Everywhere I go , I get asked about it, it is a real conversation piece.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on all different gear, I think it is great to just have one product that serves many purposes, and doesn’t take up too much room in my New York City living space. Ranging in price from $199 to $299, it is a bargain, and can be used from infancy to 3 years old..