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Keeping Kids Safe at a Wedding

My dear friends Xochitl Gonzalez and Mayra Castillo, are the founders of Always a Bridesmaid, the greatest wedding planning company in the North East, actually make that the country. They have appeared in just about every wedding publication out there, Lots of TV shows such as, The Style Network’s Whose Wedding is it Anyway, and were recently in the New York Times.

The dynamic duo also have an incredible blog, appropriately named Always a Blogsmaid. They recently received a question about keeping children safe at a wedding and turned to Baby Bodyguards for some guidance.

Here is the post from Always a Blogsmaid:

The Q: My family has a lot of people with relatively young children- under 8 years old for the most part.  My father is a horrible nervous nelly and is in a panic about the kids running around and someone getting hurt or falling or whatever. Any ideas for things that we can do to calm him down?

The A: While it’s fun to have children at weddings because they are so very cute, it’s actually a good thing to remember that even though it’s your wedding day, they still need the same levels of attention and have the same desire to play and run around as on any other given day. So, to that point, your dad is right in that it’s good to plan ahead!

I actually thought I’d contact someone who knows a little bit more about kids than I do (seeing as how I have none) and until I got this email, my greatest worry was that they would be bored or that little guests would stick their fingers in the cake. So, I contacted my dear friends Fred and Courtney, the owners of New York based Baby Body Guards, a child proofing/ safety consulting company.

Courtney informed me of something surprising- “Statistically, more young children suffer accidental injury when there are a lot of adults around. This is because everyone assumes that someone else is keeping a watchful eye on the children, when in reality everyone is distracted and no one is. We recommend that adults take turns watching the children, or bring along a babysitter to be in charge of the children if it is okay with the hosts.”

Actually, this is something that we have done at some of our clients weddings- our instincts were to keep the children occupied, but I never really had thought about this safety aspect before… which makes a lot of sense since the adults are mixing and mingling with one another and not necessarily 100% focused.  One service that I suggest is the The Wedding Sitters .  They will come and stage even a little tea party for the little guests and keep them under a watchful eye.

Courtney also recommended to keep kid friendly food close to the kids table to stop them from wandering around and snacking off of adult plates.  “Another thing to keep in mind is food allergies. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends holding off on highly allergic foods such as peanuts until a child is 3. If there are going to be a lot of children at a wedding, hosts may want to discuss the menu with caterers to avoid some ingredients.”   From our part, it’s a good thing to have a kids table that also has some snacks set on it for the kids to pick on during the reception.  Or better yet, a kids pack that has a kid-friendly snack as a part of it as well as some activity games.

If you know that you are going to have children, it’s probably a good call to have a kid friendly First Aid kit on hand in case of any cuts or bruises AND even better, a local pediatrician in case you need a doctor on call for your out of town guests who are far from home.  I know that here in New York there are a few doctors who still make “house” calls!