The Book That Needs to Be in Every Diaper Bag

On Friday, we participated in a Safety Event at the new MOM Museum in NYC. We got to mingle and share stories with many other companies sharing our passion for keeping babies out of harms way. I had the pleasure of meeting Tara Summers-Hermann, a nurse and mom who wrote two fabulous books about child safety, Baby MEDBASICS and Toddler MEDBASICS.

Tara was inspired to write the MEDBASICS series after she had to save her own toddler’s life, when he was choking on a piece of potato. After 5 or 6 abdominal thrusts, the potato flew out of his mouth and he started to breathe. Tara couldn’t imagine what would have happened if a non-medical professional was in the same situation. She set out on a journey to eduacate parents and caregivers, so they will always have easy to follow  instructions on how to respond to an emergency at their fingertips.

The books are very easy to read, and are designed to be read by a person whose adrenaline is pumping and needs immediate instruction. The average ambulance response time in the US is 8 minutes, brain damage from lack of oxygen begins in 4 minutes and death shortly thereafter, these books can make the difference in the outcome during an emergency situation.