Trader Joes To Open It's Doors In The BK on Friday


I have been checking out the Trader Joe’s site for weeks now, and finally there is the date of September 26th listed next to the Brooklyn location. It will be on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, where the bank used to be.
My first Trader Joe’s experience was a few years ago, and ever since I have dreamed of the day I would be able to do my weekly shopping there.
If you haven’t had the Trader Joe experience yet, you need to go, and go soon!!!! It is just the happiest supermarket I have ever been to. All the employees are in Hawaiian shirts and have smiles on their faces. One day while at the Trader Joe’s in Queens, I asked one of the employees, why it is that every time I am in a Trader Joe’s, all the employees seem so happy. He told me how wonderful the employees are treated and how even part-time employees get health benefits.
The prices are amazing and there are a lot of organic and all natural options. My new favorite Trader Joe’s product is the Pure Castile Soap, which only costs a little over $2. I used to use Dr Bronner’s, but for about $15 less, my family switched to Trader Joe’s!