Ughh 3 Months Pregnant and Can't Get Things Moving

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of complaining. I’ve been nauseous, tired, bloated, irritable and not all that much fun to be around. To make matters worse, I have the pooping habits of a sloth, except when a sloth comes down from the tree once every two weeks to do his business, he doesn’t need the help of a glycerin suppository.

About two weeks ago I broke down in tears and called Dr. Brennan (if you live in Brooklyn, I love Dr. Brennan) and told him of my woes. He recommended Dulcolax, Mineral Oil or Milk of Magnesia. The Dulcolax worked, and then a week later the Milk of magnesia, sorta kinda worked. He assured me that worse case scenario he can remove any blockage in his office, OUCH and YUCK!!! I can’t let it get to that!

I am finally able to eat green things again, I’m drinking lots of water, and trying to get some walking in, and still NOTHING NADA Zip. I am only 3 months pregnant, and showing, like showing to the point where I am getting subway seats, and I know it’s not the baby, but poop.

Sorry for the complaints, but I feel bad for Fred (husband) already and thought I would vent here. If any of you have some home remedy miracle cure you can pass along, please do.