We Know The Breast Is Best…But Don't Beat Yourself Up!

About a week ago my friend had a baby girl and was surprised by the fact that breastfeeding didn’t come as naturally as she expected. My conversation with her brought back memories about the difficulty I had nursing my son when he was first born and the lack of information I was able to find on the web dealing with this issue.
The lack of information was astounding. Everything I read talked about how breastfeeding is “relaxing” or “may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning”. I would look down at my cracked and bleeding nipples and want to just throw in the towel because I assumed that something must be wrong with me and that I was just not cut out for this “natural” process.
I knew I wanted my son to have breast milk because he was born in December and I wanted him to have the best immune system possible, so I took out my Pump In Style, and began filling the fridge with breast milk. I would also put him to my breast, but if the pain got too bad, I knew I had nourishment for him a bottle away.
It all worked out for us. Eventually my nipples toughened up or my sons mouth got bigger, allowing him to latch on better. The bottom line is he is now almost 17 months old and we still cuddle in the morning and before bed to nurse.
I worried constantly. Would my son suffer from nipple confusion? Did I have too much milk or too little? Why was his poop green this morning? Would my boobs ever return to their perfect 34C size?
Hopefully, a new mom out there will read this blog post and either won’t throw in the towel too soon or will not feel bad about pumping or just plain formula. I was bottle fed and I LOVE my mom we are as close as can be :) and btw…I’m pretty darn healthy too