Baby Bodyguards - As safe as a mother's arms

New York & New Jersey

We are Courtney and Fred Ilarraza, Founders of Baby Bodyguards, the premier full service child safety company in New York. We have secured and educated thousands of parents and caregivers throughout the New York Tri-State area and now through our franchise partners we will be protecting babies and families around the world.

The inspiration for our company came when we were expecting our first child in 2006. Around this time a two people we know experienced terrible tragedies in their homes. Seeing not only what the children went through but also the families culminated in the creation of Baby Bodyguards. These accidents were tragic and could have been easily prevented with proper education and the implementation of safety measures.

We sought to create a service that would protect children from the real dangers in the home not just the perceived dangers. Our data driven philosophy is that bumps and bruises are part of childhood. Our goal is to protect babies and toddlers from serious injury. We promise to never fear monger or sell you any unnecessary products and to become your partners in safety.

We're true child safety experts. In addition to Baby Proofing we are Certified Passenger Safety Technicians, American Heart Association CPR Instructors and work alongside hospitals and with architects and interior designers to provide the safest and most aesthetically pleasing options for your home.

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