One in four children experience an injury in the home requiring medical attention. Two-thirds of all injuries requiring emergency room visits occur in the home. A few safeguards and some parent education could prevent many of these injuries. (Source: National Safe Kids Campaign)

Baby Bodyguards has safeguarded thousands of homes. We provide professional baby proofing using products which will be the best fit for you home. We do all this at about the price it would cost you to do on your own and we can do it all in one day! No matter the home, we've seen it all and we've done it all before. We use products that meet our strict requirements for quality, safety and usability. In addition many of our products are made by small mom and pop companies and aren't available online or from large retailers.

The best time to begin baby proofing is before your child starts crawling. Your home is where your children will spend most of their time playing, learning and exploring. It is important to make sure their surroundings encourage, not discourage this growth. Turning your home into a safe environment will allow your child to explore, while giving you more peace of mind.

Contact us and we will perform our expert safety consultation, an extensive room-by-room walk through of the entire house where we identify potential hazards that could injure your child, and recommend helpful solutions or products. We can then install these products and take care of any hazards that are present.

Absolutely! A Baby Bodyguards gift certificate makes a unique and thoughtful shower gift for the new parents to be.

The cost of baby proofing generally depends on the size of your home, your lifestyle, and the products needed to ensure your child's safety. At Baby Bodyguards, we will work within your budget to help you choose the most cost effective way to make your home as safe as possible for your child.

It depends on the manufacturer and quality of the products. As you probably know by now, not all "baby products" are made the same! Some are of much higher quality than others. We will only install those products that meet our strict safety standards.

Of course! We can install as much or as little as you would like! We can install all of the products, some of the products, or provide you with the instructions to install them yourself!

Yes we can do a private infant and child CPR class in your home at your convenience. Contact Us to setup an appointment.